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Working principle and explosion-proof technology of closed circulation spray dryer
2019/8/30 17:04:16
Closed cycle spray dryer working principle

  First, the heated tower is filled with heated air, and the dried liquid material is sent to the centrifugal nozzle through the infusion pump. The liquid material is atomized into fine droplets by a high-speed rotating centrifugal atomizer, and the droplets are in the drying tower and the heat. The air is subjected to sufficient heat exchange, and the liquid portion in the material is instantaneously evaporated, and the powdery material formed in the solid portion sinks to the bottom of the column, and finally the dried powdery material is discharged from the bottom of the column.

  Wherein, the evaporated solvent gas is subjected to dust removal treatment by a cyclone, a filter or the like under the action of a fan, and the saturated solvent gas after the dust is removed by a condenser to be condensed into a liquid discharge condenser. In order to prevent the liquid from being carried out, a gas-liquid separator is added later. In the meantime, the gas as a drying medium is continuously heated and then recycled as a dry carrier in the system.
  The closed cycle spray drying system works in a closed environment. The drying medium is heated gas, and the drying tower is operated under positive pressure. If the internal pressure drops, the pressure transmitter can automatically control the gas inlet to ensure the system pressure balance. .

  Overpressure relief and explosion-proof technology

  Overpressure relief and explosion-proof venting technology are two safety devices that ensure the safe production of closed loops and have the same goal: overpressure relief refers to the safe operation of nitrogen circulation flow pressure in the circulation system. For the 3000Pa, the overpressure relief safety device will automatically open the pneumatic valve and discharge the overpressure gas to restore the 3000Pa circulating flow balance pressure in the system. The venting technology refers to the fact that once the set safety technical measures fail, the flow pressure of the circulating system exceeds the set value to 0.05 MPa (gauge pressure), or the oxygen content residual in the system exceeds 3% or high. As a result of the ignition or explosion, the explosion-proof membrane of the venting device will be vented and vented to protect the equipment and workers.



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