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Shanghai small spray dryer which is good, how to choose
2020/7/17 13:57:12
Conventional laboratory small spray dryers do spray drying of natural product extracts and fruit juices of laboratory Chinese medicine (Chinese herbal medicine), because the material itself contains a lot of sugar components, and these components are easily melted at high temperature, at the moment of spray drying It will stick together and form something like brown sugar to stick to the wall of the bottle in the drying room of the spray dryer, so that the scientific researcher cannot get a powder with good fluidity. In order to solve this problem, researchers have tried many methods to add a large amount of auxiliary materials, such as starch, cyclodextrin, etc. in order to obtain powder, but the effect is not very satisfactory, so based on the conventional laboratory spray dryer It is necessary to make improvements and upgrades.

Adhering to the tenet of innovation for many years, Shanghai Oumeng Industrial Co., Ltd. has developed the OM-800D new generation laboratory small spray dryer (applicable to Chinese medicine and fruit juice) based on the OM-1500A conventional laboratory small spray dryer. This laboratory spray dryer is a breakthrough in spray drying technology. According to reports, in the laboratory, the OM-800D new generation laboratory small spray dryer can obtain powder particles with excellent fluidity at low temperature of 30°C for Chinese medicine (Chinese herbal medicine), natural product extracts and fruit juices. And the yield is extremely high, helping to become a powerful assistant for Chinese medicine researchers.

The OM-QPG-5 laboratory spray dryer built by Shanghai Oumeng is specially developed for scientific research units, colleges and universities, enterprises and institutions engineering experiment centers. It is used in the experiment, small test, medium test of liquid materials such as concentrates, extracts, diluents, etc. Try it. The advantages of the laboratory spray dryer are automated operation and integrated frame structure. The drying speed is fast. After the material liquid is atomized, the surface area is greatly increased, and 65%-98% of the water can be evaporated instantly in the hot air flow. The resulting product Uniform particle size, good fluidity and instant solubility, high product purity and good quality. Especially suitable for the drying of heat-sensitive materials, which can ensure the color, fragrance and taste of the materials.

In addition to its application in the traditional Chinese medicine and fruit juice industries, the scope of use of spray dryers is also expanding. At present, the market is also improving and upgrading equipment to meet the different needs of the industry. For example, in view of the problem of difficulty in drying materials containing organic solvents in spray drying, organic solvents are generally flammable and explosive, and the appearance of OM-BLG-2 explosion-proof closed laboratory spray dryer avoids this One problem is that the materials can be circulated in the closed drying system. The whole system is filled with inert gas (such as nitrogen or argon), which can avoid the contact between the organic solvent gas and the external oxygen, ensuring the safety of production.



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