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How much do you know about the usage and maintenance of small spray dryer?
2020/7/29 10:33:32
The small spray dryer is a multi-purpose intelligent spray drying equipment, suitable for drying a variety of samples, but how much do you know about its use and maintenance? The following is a detailed introduction for everyone.


1. The air filter at the air inlet is replaced every 3 months.

2. The bearing oil is replaced every 3 months.

3. The pulse bag is replaced every 6 months.

Operating specifications:

1. Check before starting the small spray dryer

Turn on the spray dryer, the installation and sealing degree of each connected pipe and valve, the tension of the transmission chain and belt, whether the reducer is added with lubricating oil, and whether the vacuum gauge is sensitive or not. The installation of the cloth bag used for filtering in the tank and the connection of electrical wiring. Turn on the cooling water valve of the spray dryer to check the connection of the heat-carrying pipe, whether the stuffing box is leaking, and whether the pressure gauge is sensitive.

Check whether the meters, buttons, and indicators of the spray dryer electrical control cabinet are normal, check whether the direct ground wire is good, whether there is any leakage, or short circuit. Fill each cup with grease, and the starter motor runs empty. Listen to whether the noise is normal. If it is not normal, check the source of the noise and eliminate it.

2. The startup steps when starting up work Close the discharge valve, lock the charging door, set the forward and reverse rotation and interval time of the host, open the heating cycle valve, run the heating water pump to open the vacuum pipeline valve, start the vacuum pump, and add the dry materials In the container (powder, fine granular, slurry materials are fed by vacuum), then close the feed hole cover. After closing the vacuum exhaust valve, turn on the vacuum pump to make the drying container present a negative pressure (00-7mmHg). Turn on the power switch, start the motor, press the working button, and the spray dryer starts to rotate. Open the heating medium valve, let the heating medium enter the interlayer of the drying vessel, and test according to the process requirements.

3. Stop working steps of the small spray dryer. After the material is dried, first close the heating medium valve, and then pour cooling water into the interlayer. After the material is cooled to room temperature, stop vacuuming. Open the vacuum valve, turn off the motor, stop the dryer from rotating, and open the hole cover to discharge the material. The above are the specific work to be done before and after use of the spray dryer. You must follow the requirements during the use.



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