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Which material is suitable for drying in laboratory with a small spray dryer?
2020/9/18 16:23:03
There are many types of laboratory spray drying equipment, such as centrifugal spray drying, vacuum spray drying, low temperature spray drying and organic solvent closed spray dryer. So, which material is suitable for drying with a small spray dryer in the laboratory?
Ms. Zhou has been working on graphene research, but he is also worried about preparing graphene in the laboratory. Mr. Zhou’s material is a 1% graphene solution with a material concentration of 1%, which is very dilute. Before using the 6000Y (new model OM-1500A) laboratory small spray dryer, he always tried his best to collect graphene. Our engineers overcome the problem of low material concentration and light specific gravity, and successfully found a process for spray drying low-concentration graphene solutions. The experimental results are very satisfactory, and the customers are also very satisfied.
First of all, materials are divided into two categories, aqueous solutions and organic solvents. Most of these two materials can be dried by spray dryers, but to choose the appropriate spray dryer type, the following two different materials will be analyzed.
The aqueous solution is relatively simple, just consider the following points: 1) Whether it is a heat-sensitive material, if it is a heat-sensitive material, the general spray dryer will destroy the nature or activity of the material, it is best to choose an appropriate small vacuum spray dryer; 2) Whether it contains Sugar, if it is a sugar-containing material, such as traditional Chinese medicine, it is not suitable for ordinary spray dryers. Most of them will stick to the wall. At this time, you can choose a low-temperature spray dryer, for example, the inlet temperature is 35-50°C, the effect is better, and it will not stick to the wall; 3) Whether there are requirements for the particle size after drying, if you need large particles, such as ceramic And catalyst, you need to use spray granulation dryer. Otherwise, the produced particles will not meet the process requirements;
For organic solvents, the boiling point is mainly considered. The boiling point of spray drying organic solvents is very high, and some are very low. For high boiling points, a higher inlet temperature must be selected. For example, a low boiling point of 300°C must be equipped with corresponding refrigeration equipment.



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