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The working process of a small spray dryer and a pressure spray dryer.
2020/8/20 10:21:08
In the working process of the pressure spray dryer, the experimental small spray dryer actually uses airflow to complete the drying purpose. Therefore, in the entire equipment design and production process, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the airflow of the equipment. The air flow needs to be dispersed so that the material can come into contact with the air, which is the so-called dry zone. Only when the drying area increases, the drying time can be reduced. The reason for the fast drying speed of some equipment on the market and the low drying speed of some equipment is actually this difference.

Now, in the spray dryer industry, many manufacturers are producing new types of dryers, so they need to be designed. In the design, they need to consider their airflow operation. Some manufacturers have airflow designs. Relatively mature, it will naturally increase in future work, but there are also some manufacturers that focus on other aspects of the design, and do not consider the operation of internal airflow. One of these products is unstable in use. , There will be no good drying efficiency.

Of course, during the working process of the pressure spray dryer, materials will enter, and the materials will also disturb the airflow, so it will also affect the stability of the airflow operation, so it needs to be designed in the design. With this in mind, one of them is the need to increase the airflow speed, and at the same time some enhancements in other areas are needed so that the airflow will not be affected when a large amount of material enters. Only by meeting the requirements in this regard can good work results be used.

In addition to the above, the airflow operation of the dryer also needs to be relatively simple. There are also some manufacturers who have very high instructions on the operation of the airflow in the production of equipment, adding many parts, and also making the airflow complicated in operation, but the result is that the drying effect is not very good. And when the airflow operation is relatively complicated, it will also increase the repair and maintenance costs of the equipment, so this is the above-mentioned aspect that needs to be considered in the design.



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