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Laboratory small spray dryer
Model: OM-1500 / OM-1500A

Brand: Oumon


Type: two fluid atomization, suitable for universities, chemical, enterprise laboratories and so on.

Small spray dryerProduct description:
Apply to universities, Research Institute and food medicine chemical enterprise laboratory production of micro particles of all solutions such as emulsion, suspension has extensive applicability.,Suitable for drying sensitive substances, such as biological products, biological pesticides, enzymes and so on. Because the ejected material is only heated when it is sprayed into a fog, and is instantaneously heated, the active material remains the same after its drying.
A variety of fields: beverages, spices and pigments, milk and egg products, vegetables and plant extract, pharmaceutical synthesis of heat sensitive material plastics, polymers and resins, fragrances, blood products, Tao Hechao, conductor and biochemical products, dyes soaps and detergents, food, adhesives, oxide, bone and tooth powder etc..

Small spray dryerMain features:
Originally produced nozzle, high efficiency.
Color large touch screen operation, automatic control and manual control combination, Chinese and English panel, parameter LCD display.
Real-time regulationPIDConstant temperature control technology, accurate temperature control, heating and temperature control accuracy±1℃.
Spray, drying and collecting devices are made of transparent, high quality, high temperature resistant borosilicate glass,The whole spray drying process is visible.
Two atomization structure of fluid spraying, high precisionThree hundred and sixteenStainless steel materials, the size of powder injection is normal distribution, good liquidity.
When the nozzle is blocked, the injector is automatically cleared (through needle) and the frequency is adjustable, so as to ensure the continuity of the experiment.
The feed quantity can be adjusted by feeding peristaltic pump.
Special protection function, fan does not start, heater can not start.
Built in imported oil-free air compressor, noise less than50db.
Equipped with air inlet filter to make sure the sample is pure.
After drying products, uniform particle size,95%Above dry powder in the same particle size


om - 1500

om - 1500a

body material

Cold rolled sheet

Three hundred and fourStainless steel(Customizable316l

Corresponding sample

Water solubility

Corrosive solution


Water evaporation

Maximum1500 - 2000ml / hMinimum quantity of material to be customized50ml

Temperature setting range (automatic control)

Thirty300℃(Inlet temperature)\30140℃(outlet temperature)

Temperature regulation accuracy

Inlet temperature±1℃

Range of dry air regulation


Range of spray air pressure


Delivery pump flow range

5 - 100prm(adjustable speed)



Inlet temperature and outlet temperature output(420ma)

 Exhaust gas filter

 Pulse bag filter (optional)

Glass piece

High borosilicate glass material, high temperature resistance, no pollution test

Temperature regulator

PIDDigital temperature controller

LCD touch panel

Blower, heater, liquid delivery pump, through needle, jet switch

Temperature sensor

pt - 100


4.5KW 220V

Feed way

Peristaltic pump feed

Air compressor for spraying

Imported air compressor

Imported air compressor

Suction fan

Rotary fan brushlessDCmotor

Air inlet treatment

Filter (available)


Standard configurationOneCustomizable07/1.0/1.5/2.0/2.2etc.

The air is connected with the caliber of the spray

external diameter7mm

Air pressure for spray


Exhaust connection caliber


Safety protection function

The temperature of the inlet and outlet is too high, the fan will start automatically, and the temperature should be lowered before turning off the power supply of the machineFiftyProtect the heater from damage.


Outline size

x650 550 (w) (d) x1250 (h) mm

Net weight


Power Supply


Factory standard configuration

A main engine, an exhaust pipe, a atomizing chamber, a cyclone separator, a material collection bottle, a waste collection bottle, a set of large band clamps and a medium band clamp,TwoA small band of a set of instructions, a fuse;TwoOne warranty card, one set of silica gel delivery tubeOneRoot and spray air pipe.



Routine laboratory type

Upgraded stainless steel type

Customized paragraph

Our company specializes in the production, support customized various types of spray dryer, experimental, production, granulation, organic solvents, explosion-proof and so on


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