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Organic solvent / closed cycle spray dryer
Model: OM-BLG

Brand: Oumon


Type: ethanol, acetone, chloroform, toluene, NMP, DMF and other organic solvents dry
Organic solvent spray dryerIs the system consisting of a closed loop,Heat carriers can be recycled, also calledClosed cycle spray dryer. Volatile matter is organic, chemical, solvent, or toxic and can cause harm to humans and the environment,The organic solvent or product contained in the feed liquid is easy to oxidize, flammable and explosive,Normally,Materials used in this process are not exposed to oxygen,So the heat carrier mostly uses inert gas(Such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide and so on);This method is also called inert gas drying. Exhaust gas from a dryer,After the gas-solid separation, the solvent is recovered through the condenser or the wet fraction is removed,After the heater heats up, enter the dryer for recycling. By means of heat carriers and closed loops,We can effectively avoid material drying, encounter high temperature risk, and prevent spray drying process and oxygen contact,dust90%The above recovery, etc..

Closed cycle spray dryer has been mature and applied to ethanol,acetone,hexane,Made of gas oil and other organic solvents in suspension,Inert gas(Or Gaseous nitrogen)Closed loop spray drying process for products as drying medium. The whole process is free of oxidation,Media recycling,Noble gas(Or Gaseous nitrogen)Recyclable. Closed loop system designed for the recovery of organic solvent,System explosion-proof control requirements are extremely high,System automation performance is extremely high,GMPDemanding. Commonly used in precision ceramics, pharmaceuticals, battery materials, cemented carbide(Wc.Fe)Spray drying of powder.
Flow diagram
Closed cycle spray dryer system by spray dryer machine, air filter with heater, air blower, water separator, size of cooling tower, spray tower, exhaust fan, a cyclone separator, two stage cyclone separator, pump, oxygen sensor and pipeline and control valve.

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