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Small spray dryer has become the key experimental equipment for material development
2017/8/11 17:53:33

In the pharmaceutical industry, drying equipment plays an important role. With the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, the demand for drying equipment is also rising. According to the China general machinery drying equipment industry association forecast, in the next few years, the annual demand for pharmaceutical drying equipment will reach 3000 (sets) or so, the market share will gradually increase. With the increasing application of drying equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, what are the highlights of the small spray dryer and what are the market prospects?

Carefully crystallized crystals of modern science and technology

Small spray dryers are compact and can be placed independently in the laboratory or on a specially designed stainless steel rack, self-contained and run without any other facilities. Small spray dryer adopts one button switch on, color large LCD touch screen operation, can use fully automatic or manual monitoring of two modes of operation, convenient operation and experimental process monitoring. Small spray dryer is the smallest volume, minimum noise, excellent drying effect of a spray dryer. Small spray dryer because of small size, small footprint, and powerful, began to use, most enterprises love.

Mini spray dryer for University, Institute of food and pharmaceutical and chemical enterprise laboratory production of micro particles of all solutions such as emulsion, suspension has broad applicability, small spray dryer is suitable for drying heat sensitive materials such as biological products, bio pesticides, enzyme preparation, high temperature is only because of the sprayed materials only the size of particles in the spray mist, so just instant heating, can keep the active material is not damaged after drying and still maintain its active ingredients.

The biggest highlight small spray dryer is used for color LCD touch screen display, the color LCD screen display, the user can conveniently spray process in each stage of the process of using experimental spray, can timely display control experimental data user touch screen parameters, faster and more accurate control of start and stop.

Small spray dryer, spray drying room and collection device are made of transparent, high quality, high temperature resistant borosilicate glass, which makes spray drying process without pollution and stability. In addition, the temperature control of small spray dryer adopts real-time control, PID constant temperature control technology, accurate temperature control.

Prices have become the focus of the market topic

In the drying process, in order to ensure the quality of food and drug and improve labor productivity, it is necessary to change the longitudinal control of drying equipment and drying process. Manual control is basic, but due to the complex changes in the equipment and drying process, it is often difficult to achieve better quality and more economical effect after baking. With the development of electronic industry and the continuous improvement of electronic instruments and equipment, small spray dryers have opened up a wide range of automatic control.

Mini spray dryer automatic control, can reduce the labor intensity of operators, reduce the number of operations, reduce operating costs and improve the quality of the food and drug Honghou ding. As in a manufacturing process of powder, spray drying machine realizes unmanned system, the inlet and outlet air temperature and air flow, the pressure of the spray dryer in the mud and water and other key data processing by software, real-time analysis of factors causing the system changes, and can simulate manual adjustment for stove temperature, slurry flow etc. Finally, instead of the operation.

This series of advantages makes it possible for small spray dryers to increase their vitality. However, with the increasing demand for small spray dryer equipment, and the technical difficulties, the cost of small spray dryer is bound to increase, which is a problem to be solved in the future.



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