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Laboratory spray dryer Shanghai Europe become a market leader
2017/8/23 9:55:32

Laboratory spray dryer(www.shom17.net) compact design, which can be independently housed in laboratories or housed in specially designed stainless steel racks and will operate without any other facilities. Mini spray dryer uses a key to start, large color LCD touch screen, can be used fully automatic or manual monitoring of two operating modes, convenient operation and monitoring laboratory spray dryer in experiment process by droplet evaporation of the liquid (usually water) that spray drying, heat and mass transfer process is happening at the same time, droplet and the drying medium (air) when exposed to heat by convection by air is passed to the droplet, evaporation, air heat into latent heat, evaporate moisture transport into the air through the boundary layer around each droplet. The thermal properties of biological materials is more complicated, not only with water content, composition, temperature, and material structure, combined with water and the components of the composition, and the drying process, structure are constantly changing, the foundation of accurate need to do in-depth and meticulous work method.


Small spray dryer is the smallest volume, minimum noise, excellent drying effect of a spray dryer. Small spray dryer because of small size, small footprint, and powerful, began to use, most enterprises love. To ensure the quality of our products to you, also welcome customers to do experiment, our production of a variety of laboratory equipment, is mainly involved in sample processing, the production of our products is not much, but each of our products are delivered to the quality of lean fine, excellent products, in order to win your satisfaction. (3) dry temperature is low, no overheating phenomenon, moisture is easy to evaporate, drying time is short, (4) reduce material and air contact opportunity, can avoid pollution or oxidation deterioration. (5) drying products can form a porous structure, crisp sponge like, easy to crush, have better solubility, rehydration, have better color and taste.


Mini spray dryer for University, Institute of food and chemical industry production laboratory * * * micro particles of all solutions such as powder, emulsion or suspension has broad applicability in the air temperature is high, the material temperature is low, so there is a heat transfer between air and material force, air heat transfer to the material in a convection mode accept these materials, the heat to the water vaporization, water is continuously flow away, the moisture content of the material falling. When the hot air from the stable surface through the wet material when the moisture content of materials decreased to balance the water when the powder particles shrink, basically is nearly spherical, a weak connection between the spray dried particles, internal small particles obviously bonded powder grew up, good fluidity, high bulk density, suitable for thermal spray coating blue the pipe is an air inlet pipe, the white hose is feeding tube, sometimes customers will find no feed in the use of the process, this is generally what problem, this may be the head of the peristaltic pump on a screw loose, you can enter, there is the broken material length of time, the two the possibility of relatively large.




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