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Laboratory spray dryer: a new direction of liquid drying technology
2017/9/30 11:26:31
In the field of drying equipment industry, spray drying technology has become one of the most widely used drying equipment. Solid powder or particles in the production of liquid materials in the most suitable products: solution, emulsion, suspending liquid and paste the impurity state, and for this reason, the final product with the particle size distribution, residue content, particle shape can meet the strict standards of the spray drying equipment is the most ideal process. majorproductionDrying equipment, Shanghai Mongolian Industrial Co., Ltd. for the specific description of this new skills - spray drying liquid technology.
The filtered air enters the hot top of the dryer and the hot air enters the drying chamber in a spiral form. The liquid material rotating through high speed centrifugal spray transfer to form a very fine mist droplet spray at the top of the tower. In thermal contact with air in a very short period of time, the materials can be dried into the final product. The bottom of the drying tower will the final product from the cyclone Goldin continuous output. Will exhaust gas output from the drying equipment in the blower, and the fresh air in the air circulation in the top of the dryer. Then hot air into the drying chamber, it is to pump the liquid through the pump diaphragm material, atomized into droplets. Hot air through the drying time of finished product and material contact short. Air and waste collection, through the fine powder in the drying equipment in the bottom of the cyclone in addition, along with the observation tower door, mirror, holding the lamp body.
The drying apparatus is especially suitable for drying heat sensitive materials. Able to maintain uniformity, mobility, and availability of final products. Final product is of high purity and good quality. The program is simple, easy to work and control.



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