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A vacuum low temperature spray drying equipment for wall sticking problem
2018/8/15 18:19:54

Many friends are not very clear about the characteristics of their own samples when buying machines, such as a customer for a moment, buy a company's general drying equipment, because their samples are heat-sensitive characteristics, drying materials can not stick down on the wall, the following to us how to prevent wall adhesion.


It is very important to operate the small spray dryer correctly and understand the functions of the equipment and the possible problems. It is also the key to ensure the life of the equipment and the operation stability of the enterprise.

In the meantime, sticking phenomenon is an outstanding problem to prevent normal operation of spray dryer, solid preparation.(Especially traditional Chinese Medicine)The spray drying process is particularly notable. Material sticking to the wall is not only unfavorable to the collection operation, but also with the extension of time, the sticking material will degenerate into unqualified material.

In order to get rid of the stickiness, many operators check from the process point of view to set sail, treatment methods include the selection of appropriate solvents, increase of accessories, change of process parameters, etc., but these methods can be scheduled to a small extent, therefore, it is necessary to find a fundamental treatment plan from the point of view of the equipment.

In the meantime, experts at home and abroad have discussed the problem of sticking and caking in the drying process. It is believed that the main reason of forming sticking wall is wall temperature. The phenomenon of sticky wall in spray dryer usually occurs in three situations:

Semi wet material adhered to wall. The reason is that the spray droplets have already contacted the wall of the atomizer before they reach the surface dry, so they stick to the wall. The orientation of the sticking wall is generally on the plane of the trajectory of the spray droplets ejected from the atomizer, which is related to the structure of the atomizer and the movement of the hot air in the tower.

Hot melt of low melting point material adhered to wall. The reason is that when the material reaches the melting point at a certain temperature, it first melts and sticks and adheres to the wall.

Dry powder adhered to the exterior. Dry powder in a limited space will always have some movement against the wall, which can not be prevented, but such sticky wall is generally not thick, just through the air blowing or quietly hit can be shaken down, the simple treatment is to polish the inner wall, you can deal with this problem to a certain extent.

Find out the reasons for sticking phenomenon.- 1800p omLaboratory vacuum cryogenic spray dryer, drying temperature only needsEightyIt can reduce the boiling point of the solvent in vacuum and perfect the sticky wall phenomenon.




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