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Establishment of numerical model for small spray dryer
2018/9/28 10:42:51

A computer based prediction of certain operating conditions and drying process simulation is based on characterization of drying process and determination.Small spray dryerThe most suitable operation mode and conditions.

The numerical model describing the drying process is usually an equation. These equations can be mechanisms or phenomena.

The mechanism of grain data conduction, such as molecular flow and movement, capillary interaction, etc., which describes the capacity range, is described, and an equation is established in combination with their relationship.

The equation of phenomena does not necessarily relate to the mechanism of conduction.

Most of the equations have been verified. Equations describing phenomena are usually expressed as ordinary differential equations or partial differential equations. Partial differential equations describing particle drying are usually parabolic. These models or equations are very complex. In most cases, some assumptions need to be made to simplify them.

The numerical model of the process has theoretical models based on theoretical analysis.(Mechanism model)Black box model based on analysis of experimental data(Empirical model)Two.

Drying process model:Empirical based amplification factor model, based on experimental simulation input./The output model and the basic model based on theoretical analysis. The latter is more reliable than the former two, and its application scope is not restricted by past experience and can be extrapolated.

The basic model must have the basic data of material and dryer, that is, to establish the material model and equipment model.Small spray dryerThe basic model of drying process is based on the momentum, heat and mass transfer between drying material surface and drying medium, and the heat and mass transfer inside drying material. Because of the complexity of the actual process, it is necessary to simplify and assume the model according to the essence of the process in order to solve the model. The effectiveness of simplification and hypothesis must be verified by experiments. For dry porous materials, internal diffusion can be neglected.



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