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Can an experimental spray dryer prepare solid spheres?
2018/9/28 10:56:29

The real spherical solid microsphere particles can be prepared. The first experiment can be produced in Europe and Mongolia, Shanghai.om - 5000typelab spray dryer. The working flow of the experimental spray dryer system is shown in the diagram. The working principle of the system is that the air is heated by electricity and then passed through a high temperature filter to ensure that the air entering the tower body is clean hot air, and then through the hot air distributor at the top of the drying chamber, the hot air through the hot air distributor enters the drying chamber evenly and rotates in a spiral shape, at the same time, the feed liquid is sent to the centrifugal spray. Fog head. Bauxite slurry is sprayed into spherical droplets by swiftly rotating spray heads, and water evaporates rapidly on the droplet surface. In a very short time, droplets dry and shrink into microspheres. Coarser particles are collected in a collection bucket at the bottom of the drying chamber, and finer particles are collected in a collection bucket at the bottom of the cyclone separator through a pipe at the bottom of the cone. The exhaust gas is discharged through the dust collector.



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