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What are the basic knowledge of small spray dryer?
2020/8/6 11:05:26
The small spray dryer can be described as a multi-purpose machine. It can dry the liquid solution in one second, drain the water vapor, and recover the solid. It can not only stop the drying process of the material, but also stop the granulation work. This machine has the advantages of fast drying speed, high average degree, good mobility and solubility, high product drying purity and both sterilization function. At present, spray dryers have been widely used to dry some heat-sensitive liquids, suspensions and viscous liquids, such as milk, egg liquid, medicinal materials, extracts, inorganic salts, etc. The drying quality of materials is very ideal.

A manufacturer said that compared with conventional drying equipment, spray dryers deal with the problems of long drying time, low efficiency, and unstable quality. In the process of drying materials, it usually improves work efficiency by about 10 times compared with conventional methods. The quality of material drying is very stable. Perhaps because of this, the spray dryer relies on its many advantages to effectively play its role in food, Chinese medicine drying and other processes.

So, in the application, how do users know themselves and their opponents, control the operation method of spray drying equipment, and complete safe and high-quality consumption? Before starting the spray dryer, the user prepares the items needed for spray drying, cleans the cooling water bucket and the feeding bucket in advance, and checks whether the feeding pump and the feeding pipe are dripping. If possible, the user should also try to stop cleaning and drying the tank, the powder collector and the inside of the pipeline. Then pour a certain amount of water into the cooling water bucket, and pour the spray-dried material liquid into the feeding bucket.

Secondly, further check and connect the butterfly valves on the pipes of the dehumidifier and the collecting bucket, and check whether they are all in the open state. In addition, the air door on the spray tower should be fully open and the spray cabin door should be closed firmly. The quick-installation clamps of the connecting pipes must be installed correctly, and the air outlet valve of the air compressor should be opened, the exhaust valve should be closed, and the air pressure pipe should be well connected. It is necessary to ensure that the mist droplets are in contact with the hot air flow to stop sufficient Heat exchange, and then achieve the purpose of spray drying the raw material liquid.



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