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2020/8/13 10:31:36
There may be many factors in the operation of the small spray dryer used in the laboratory, including use steps, troubleshooting, etc. How to better use the small spray dryer, the following is an introduction to maintenance and operation methods.

The operation of the pressure dryer has a great impact on the quality of the finished product, and the process operation procedures must be strictly implemented and the operation sequence must be followed. First open the valve of the heater sub-cylinder to let it in slowly, not too quickly, especially in winter, so as to avoid sudden thermal expansion and damage the heater and its components, and maintain a specific pressure.
Turn on the air inlet fan to make the air enter the heater and enter the drying tower after heating. After the temperature in the tower rises to 100-120°C, turn on the exhaust fan to increase the temperature to 85-90°C, turn on the high-pressure pump to spray and adjust Control the pressure of the high-pressure pump to stabilize it between 0.1-0.3MPa, and wait until the tower temperature, exhaust air temperature, and inlet air temperature stabilize within the required temperature range before normal operation.
In order to ensure the same quality of the materials before and after spraying, the materials must be kept warm and continuously stirred in the heat preservation tank. Because the low material temperature will increase the viscosity, causing difficulty in spraying and unstable operation of the equipment, it also affects the solubility of the finished powder. The material temperature should not be too high to cause the material to agglomerate in the holding tank, especially if the acid is too high, the easier it is to agglomerate.
When operating the pressure dryer, it is necessary to frequently shake the cloth bag to facilitate air exhaust, and check for powder run-off. When the temperature is constant, pay special attention not to make the temperature too high or low. If found, adjust the inlet air temperature, high-pressure pump pressure and nozzle flow rate. Always pay attention to whether the atomization state is good and whether the nozzle hole is normal; turn on the rotary electric hammer vibrator regularly to shake off the powder particles attached to the tower wall and cone.
If the moisture powder phenomenon occurs around the pressure dryer, it may be that the feed volume is too large; the temperature and exhaust temperature are too low; or the equipment cannot be sufficiently heated before starting the machine. It is mainly caused by the operator's carelessness. Especially before starting up, the equipment should be adequately heated, so that when the tower temperature rises to about 85°C, slowly open the high-pressure valve to feed the material, not too fast.
If the evaporation capacity of the tower is too low, it is mainly due to the low wind velocity or low temperature of the inlet air, air leakage from the equipment, causing hot air to flow out or cold air to be sucked in. It is necessary to check whether the air filter system is unobstructed and whether the air filter has been used for too long and is blocked by dirt. Whether the air heater pipe is unblocked and whether it is blocked.



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